Florida's Minimum Wage Increases on New Year's Day

Your pockets may be a little heavier next year. Every year the Florida Department of Revenue assesses the amount of minimum wage.
Starting January one, minimum wage workers will be making more money. Piggly Wiggly employees in Chipley told us what they plan to do with the extra dough.

16 year old Tristan Hartzog has worked at Piggly Wiggly for about a year. “I just mainly stock the shelves. Then I go to work before I go to school. I work from 5 to 7:30 then I got to school, then occasionally I go in the afternoon."

Until we told him, Hartzog had no idea he'd be getting a raise after the first of the year. "12 cents. (Laughs) I'll be doing a lot better now."

He laughs, but tells us in reality the extra 20 bucks a month will go to good use. "I'm just going to keep saving for after high school that's my goal right now. My dad works for Gulf Power-he's a lineman and I kinda want to do that. That's what I'm striving for.
but that's not all...

A 16 year old guy, Hartzog has a few idea what he's going to do with the extra dough. "I'm trying to put rims on my truck right now. You know I'm a teenage boy, I've got to have a big nice truck!"

And what he'll do with that big nice truck? "Take out some girls- that's what I'm thinking!"

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