Floridians Flock to Play Powerball

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Out of 42 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida sells the most Powerball tickets, has the most Powerball winners and as a result, collects the most in Powerball revenue.

50% of sales go to the prize, 5% to vendors, and the other 45% to the Department of Education. That money is dispersed between K-12, higher education, and financial assistance.

However, there are complaints. This new money has allowed law makers to take away other revenue streams. "The thing about the lottery helping education is in the long run hurting more than helping. It's caused funding to be cut we can't get back," said Bay Distinct School Superintendent Bill Husfelt.

But with a tough economy, all state income is important.

“We're thankful that we have lottery revenue. The education budget would be very difficult to replace 1.5 billion dollars," said Husfelt.

While we know the 45% will go to education, the possibilities are endless for the winner’s cut.

"First I'd say OMG, I won 425 million and I'd quit my job and I'd buy everyone a new car. And then whatever my kids want, I spoil them anyways," said Lottery Player Shelly Hills.

"I'd want to win to insure my children’s future. Make it better for them," said Freddie Davis.

While the jackpot is still at 500 million, increasing last minute sales could push the record total even higher before Wednesday night’s drawing.