Food for Fines

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Chipley- Washington County Library Director, Renae Rountree has been referring to the event as, 'Food for Fines'.

"This is an opportunity to have your library fines forgiven by bringing in a canned good for our local food pantry," she explained. All canned goods were being sent to Care and Share food bank in Chipley.

During the month of November, Rountree said the currency would be a little different at the local library- one canned good would equal one dollar. Well, for most things..."If you have damaged books or a replacement fee- that doesn't cover it."

Rountree wasn't sure what the grand total of owed fees amounted to, but said it was usually pretty substantial.

"We generate thousands of dollars in revenue every year," she said. "It's not a lot for a small county but it's also how we pay for a significant portion of our book budget.So no one should ever feel bad about paying late fee's because that's how we buy new books."

She laughed and said people also shouldn't feel bad about giving if they don't have late fees!

"It's a great opportunity for us to help our local food bank out during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when they get depleted."

She reminded us that the timing of the drive also coincided with that time of year when parents wallets usually start to feel a little 'depleted' as well.

Rountree laughed, "I anticipate there will be lots of little kids bringing in cans!"

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