Food for Thought Program Helps Kids in Walton County

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In 2010, Tiffanie Shelton wanted to get her family involved in the community.

Three years later the Food for Thought program she started is feeding hundreds of local children.

"As that began we started to see the need in our community and that there wasn't any service for these kids going home hungry in our area,” said Tiffanie Shelton, Founder of Food for Thought. We decided to expand, and six turned to 16 to 36 to 48 children."

The back pack program now serves more than 200.

It allows children to take home healthy food for the weekend.

From the first day, the program has inspired others to get involved.

“I have two older children and when we come to pack bags it is a huge impact,” said Lauren Romano, one of the board members. “And knowing that someone's child will be able to eat that night really impacts you, because as a mother, I couldn't imagine my child going through that."

And Food for Thought it making a difference.

However, numbers show there are more than one million children considered "food insecure", 6,000 of those in Okaloosa, and another 2,000 in Walton.

"The need doesn't always look like what you think it looks like. And it is not out in the open, and no you aren't going to drive down the road and see that need,” said Shelton. “But we deliver after school hours and we go down certain communities in the county and that is where we can see the need."

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