Time is Running Out for Christmas Shipping

With only eight days until Christmas, many are running out of time to mail cards and gifts.
Postal officials expected Monday to be their busiest day of not only the holiday season, but the entire year.
Monday's heavy rains provided beach postal workers with the only break they got all day.
"Today is supposed to be one of the busiest mailing dates, unfortunately, the weather has decreased that," said Cristal Church, with the US Postal Service in Panama City Beach.
As soon as the rain died down, the crowds started coming.
Managers at the beach office did all they could to make sure no one waited longer than five minutes.
"This Christmas season we've had lobby assistants, a supervisor, manager and clerk coming out into the lobby to help customers package their parcels."
They also added an automated postage center to help keep down the lines.
The postal service is also working overtime to make sure your presents get delivered to your loved ones on time.

These are the dates you need to remember:
Dec. 20th for first-class mail
Dec. 21st for priority mail
Dec. 22nd for express mail

Remember, if you plan on traveling over the holidays; make sure to notify your carrier.
"We'll put your mail on hold; you can leave your packages here,” said Church. “We don't want to accidentally leave it at your home, thinking you were there when you're not. There's a lot of theft during the holiday season, and we don't want your presents to go missing."
The postal service has been opening on Sunday's to ensure your presents are delivered on time.
Carriers will not deliver packages or mail on Christmas day.