Surveillance Cameras Capture Alleged Inmate Beating

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CALHOUN COUNTY- A former Calhoun County Sheriff's Deputy is facing misdemeanor battery charges for what some are calling a brutal attack on a jail inmate.

The entire incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

The video is the central piece of evidence in the case against Calhoun County Jail Corrections Officer Christopher Doyal.

On February 24th inmate Ventura Brown was in his cell yelling for medication.

Authorities say he was also kicking the cell door.

In the video you can see Brown's hands behind his back when Deputy Doyal opened the cell and threw punch, but he missed Brown.

Doyal then pushed brown against the wall, choked him, and punched him.

Brown suffered a chipped tooth.

Afterward a witness said Doyal was remorseful, saying to Brown, "What have I done to you."

Several days later, Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel asked the State Attorney's Office to handle the investigation, and suspended Doyal with pay for five weeks.

Doyal has since resigned.

Monday the State Attorney's Office charged Doyal with misdemeanor battery on an inmate.

Neither the Sheriff nor the State Attorney's Office will comment on the case.