Former Oaseas Employees Get Some Pay, Demand All

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Some former Oaseas Resorts employees are accusing the company of shorting them hundreds of dollars in pay.

Some of them showed up at the corporate office Monday demanding their money, but most don't believe they'll be receiving the rest of it.

A group of former Oaseas Resorts employees, hoping to get back pay, walked into the corporate office Monday demanding that they be paid in full.

They received some money, but not everything they're owed.

"My checks were between $1,200 and $1,400, this check is $300," said Tayla Wardynski, a former employee.

Instead some were given a letter stating they would receive the other portion of their paycheck for reimbursements "via mail upon release and availability of funds at Doral Bank."

Former Oaseas employees tell NewsChannel 7 they were given a confidentiality agreement to sign before they got their paycheck.

The form says employees agree "that they have returned all company assets."

Others who did receive their full paycheck feel a sense of guilt about the whole thing.

"I feel as though I'm taking money that doesn't belong to me. There's owners, there's tourists that this belongs to and I feel guilty on one hand, but on the other hand, I feel like okay, so my kids are going to eat this week," said another former employee, Gina Milani.

Others are moving on.

"I'm just glad to be done with it. I was tired of worrying if I was even going to get this. School is starting. Everybody's got bills. That's why you work for a living," said another former employee, Michael Burk.

"I mean if i hadn't found a job so quick, I don't know how I would feed my kid. I don't know how I would've paid my rent. I don't know how I would've paid my car payment. They didn't give any kind of warning, nothing," said Wardynski.

The employees say Oaseas management told them they'd eventually get all of their pay when the bank releases all of their funds, but that's not a guarantee.

Several calls were made to Oaseas managing member, Thomas Duggan, for comment, but they were not returned.