Former Okaloosa County Teacher Could Lose Teaching Certificate

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Dubner Saintilus, worked for the Okaloosa County School District for close to a year, before district officials found out about his problems in New York.

"In this case I think we were pretty aware of the situation, not immediately when we hired him, but immediately that first year,” said Mike Foxworthy, Chief Officer of Human Resources for Okaloosa County School District.

New York State Official say Saintilus was tutoring a 16-year-old girl in math in 2007, when he allegedly fondled her.

They say the girl ran from the room and told her parents.

Nassau County, New York authorities charged him with third degree sexual abuse.

Not only was Saintilus a math teacher but a volunteer officer with the Suffolk County Auxiliary Police Force.

Okaloosa District School officials say they never received any New York documents about his alleged actions.

They also say there were no red flags during Saintilus’ hiring process.

"Then we got some rumors over the internet and we did an investigation, and again nothing came up,” said Foxworthy.

It wasn't until New York officials came to Florida to conduct their investigation that local officials learned the extent of the problem.

They also say Saintilus was not involved in any inappropriate activity while teaching at Choctaw.

"We saw nothing to take action on immediately. It was almost two years later when the state of New York came down with action we in fact talked to Mr. Saintilus, and he determined that he wanted to leave,” said Foxworthy.

Saintilus resigned in September 2013.

The State Education Practices Commission is finalizing a deal to revoke Saintilus Florida teaching certificate.

Okaloosa County School District officials say Saintilus denied the New York allegations.