Foster Parenting Helps Save More Animals

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BAY COUNTY-- Not only are many foster children looking for a permanent home, but so are many foster animals.

With more and more pets being left on the streets, the need for foster families continues to rise. The Animal Rescue Center of Bay County is one organization partnering with Animal Services to help find permanent homes for these pets.

After holding these little ones in their hands, Kris and Amanda couldn't help, but keep them.

"When I think about animals and I see them out on the street I know they can't fend for themselves it hurts me it's something that hits home for me," said foster parent Kris Hughes.

These kittens were only four weeks old when someone left them in front of a vet's office.

"I have a really big passion for animals so i can't stand to see them left out on the street, especially little baby animals," said foster parent Amanda Hughes.

For Kris and Amanda, fostering animals is something they just can't say no to.

"This lady comes up and she said well we just got two kittens, they were just abandoned and we said well we'll take them," said Amanda Hughes.

One Animal Services manager said she's seen close to 600 animals come through the shelter in July. "One-hundred of those animals went to rescue organizations, and they are such a huge part of what they do to save lives here at the shelter," said Bay County Animal Services Division Manager Paula Hunter.

Foster families and rescue organizations are key to the animals' survival. They provide a place where the animals still have a chance of being adopted. Otherwise, they may be put down.

"These rescue organizations are vital to animal shelters to increase the live release rate to find resources for these animals," said Hunter.

September 12-14, Animal Services and the Animal Rescue Center will partner with Petsmart to host a three day adoption event.