Four Arrested On Meth Related Charges

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Walton County Sheriff's Investigators have arrested four people in the past two days for meth-related charges.

Thursday, Sheriffs deputies arrested 29 year old Stacey Scott and 27 year old Corey Raybon after allegedly noticing an active shake-n-bake meth lab in plain view in their vehicle which was parked in Santa Rosa Beach.

Raybon and Scott were removed from the vehicle. Investigators say the rolling meth lab had more than 14 grams of methamphetamine oil inside
Friday, deputies arrested Lora Lilland and Troy Roberts of Defuniak Springs.

The Narcotics Unit had a search warrant for their home.
Officials say they found different items used for a shake-n-bake lab and some alleged meth oil which was found on the kitchen counter near prepared food.

Since there was a 16 year old at home at the time, the pair have been charged with Child Neglect along with a number of drug charges.