4 Dogs Taken Away, Declared Dangerous

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LYNN HAVEN-- William Harsey was cleaning and building dog cages at his friend Marty Steverson's Lynn haven house Monday morning.

"I haven't seen any dog bites or anything like that. We're just doing whatever they want to get the dogs back," said William Harsey, Steverson's Friend.

Last month city commissioners gave Steverson two weeks to meet some strict requirements if he wanted to get his pitbulls, Prissy and Ollie, back.

Neighbors shot this video, showing what they call the dogs' aggressive behavior.

The video help city commissioners decide to deem the dogs dangerous.

They gave Steverson 14 days to get prove the dogs received rabies vaccinations, build enclosed cages, and either tattooed or microchip the dogs to identify them as dangerous.

While Steverson was working to get Ollie and Prissy back, Lynn Haven police say two more of his pitbulls, June and Rere, escaped and bite a neighbor.

"So we deemed those dogs dangerous as well. So there's a total of four dogs in our shelter that came from that address," said Matt Riemer, Lynn Haven Police.

Riemer also say Stevenson failed to meet the requirements to reclaim Prissy and Ollie.

"He has taken steps but he did not meet the statutory requirements within the time frame," said Riemer.

But Monday afternoon, Steverson's friend Harsey was telling a different story.

He says animal control is giving them more time.

"Good news, we have more time. We don't have to work till late tonight," said Harsey.

Neighbor Jeanette Yount says she's not convinced the area is 100 percent safe for her and her dog.

"I always carry something with me just in-case when I'm walking my dog," said Jeannette Yount, Neighbor.

All four of Steverson's dog are under quarantine at the Lynn Haven's animal shelter, because they still have "vicious tendencies."