Four Walton County Projects Included in State Budget

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Walton County Commissioners are pleased about four projects included in this year's state budget.

In fact, they say this is the most funding they have ever received from the state.

The two biggest projects are the Mossy Head Wastewater treatment facility and the Mossy Head Industrial Park infrastructure improvements.

The county has already invested a large amount of money into the Mossy Head area.

They say this funding will prevent a tax increase or taking out new loans.

"And obviously whenever you do these types of improvements, especially to this industrial park, it should be a plus for anyone wishing to come to the area, and set up business here. When you do that you obviously increase your tax base, but more importantly you provide jobs,” said Chairman Bill Chapman.

The other two projects are culvert replacements at Draper Lake and renovations at the county fairgrounds.