Fouth of July Fireworks Safety

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Stop into any one of these fireworks tents set-up across the panhandle and you may find a lot of what they're selling is illegal here in Florida.

"Anything that launches, lifts up, explodes, goes in the air, goes boom is considered illegal. There's a whole list of them that can be found on the state of Florida’s fire marshal website" said South Walton Fire Department Fire Marshal Sammy Sanchez.

There are few loopholes in state law that allows some vendors to sell the illegal fireworks. But there are no loopholes for those caught using them. Violators can receive as little as a citation, up to a year in jail. Sanchez has other concerns.

“People always think because you're on the beach you can shoot them off the beach and it's ok. That makes it even worse because very few people clean up the debris that's left over. And it causes a huge trash issue the next day and not to mention if you catch the sea oats on fire, you shoot fireworks into the turtle nests. Those are really stiff penalties enforced by the state"

Not to mention the potential danger to people. Sanchez offers some safety tips.

"Never try to re-light a firework that didn't go off or explode. Always try to keep some type of water source or fire extinguisher close by and really use a lot of common sense about what you're doing."

There is a bright side to all the rain this Fourth of July holiday. It will lessen the chance of a fire, caused by fireworks.

Florida law allows fireworks that glow or smoke, like sparklers, but you should always use caution.