Franklin County Debates Change for Superintendent

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EAST POINT - Franklin County School Board members are asking voters if they want an elected, or appointed Superintendent of schools. They hosted a town hall meeting tonight to give people a chance to discuss their options.

There's been no decision yet to put the issue on a ballot.

Dozens of people gathered in the Franklin County School cafeteria to hear the Florida School Board Association's Executive Director, Dr. Wayne Blanton, talk about the future of the County's Superintendent.

Blanton said, "I was asked to come down and do the workshop on appointed vs. Elected and give them the pros and cons and that's what I have done."

Community members got the opportunity to ask Blanton questions about the potential change and he added, "Well, some of the pros of staying elected is you know the person, they live here, they know the constituents, and in many cases, know many of the students. Some of the pros going appointed. One, you have a point of accountability. Two, they're contractual. They're an employee of the School Board and so there is a better working relationship in many cases in an appointed Superintendent and the Board because they are an employee."

Some believe an appointed Superintendent will improve the district's performance.

Jimmy Gander is the Chairman of the School Board in Franklin County said, "Unless we had an "A" school and was financially sound and all the vocational programs we want, we need improvement."

After tonight's informative meeting with Dr. Blanton and the community, the Franklin County School Board will have to decide where to go from here.

Gander also said, "We will discuss whether or not and probably take a vote on whether or not to put it on the ballot and where the public can decide what they wanna do."

If the issue goes on this year's ballot, and passes, it would take effect after Nina Marks' term is up in 2016.