Franklin County "Stand Your Ground" Case

APALACHICOLA, Fla. State Attorney Willie Meggs says he is not going to second guess the Franklin County Sheriff's investigators in what appears to be a Stand Your Ground case.

24 year old Ronald Page shot and killed 20-year-old Charles “bubba” Fasbenner on April 3rd, after Fasbenner walked into Page's yard.

Page said he heard a noise outside, grabbed his rifle and walked out onto his porch. He claims Fasbenner charged him, so he fired a warning shot into the ground. Page claims Fasbenner kept coming, so he shot and killed him.

Fasbenner's family and friends are calling for justice, but Meggs says he's leave potential charges up to Franklin County sheriff's officials. "They make those decisions every day out on the street to arrest or not arrest, and the sheriff has made that decision and the investigator has been in communication with our office. And so, we're not dissatisfied with their investigation and until he brings us a case or until we have some other compelling reason we will probably not be further involved with it."

Franklin County Sheriff Mike Mock has not released any sort of reason for Fasbenner being in Page's yard.

There is no apparent motive for the shooting other than self-defense.

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