Free Car Rides to the Polls on Election Day

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Cypress- It could be called it patriotic or even altruistic. But Walter and Dorothy Brown just called it 'doing the right thing'.

"I went around talking to people in the district about voting, and told them if they needed, we would pick them up and take them to the poll so they would be able to vote" Walter said, explaining how the concept came to life.

Since the 1970 's, Walter has been true to his word. He's run a free election day tax service during every single election since. His wife, Dorothy, used to work at the polls in their Cypress precinct . Retired now, she said she was joining her husband for the first time this year.

The couple said they would pick up anyone in need. Although both Walter and Dorothy have been long time members of the Democratic National Committee, they said their service was not about politics.

"Regardless of Democrat, Republican, Independent or who, we will take them to the poll" Dorothy said. "But, we will not tell them who to vote for, because that's their right to vote for who they want to vote for."

But the pair did admit there was one group of voters who received their special attention.

"We're mostly concerned about the older people, you know? We want to try to get them out to the polls so they have an opportunity to vote just like everybody else does" Walter told us.

And what if they didn't want to take advantage of that opportunity, we asked?

Walter said, "a lot of times people say, 'my vote don't count'. And I try to tell them, 'your vote do count,' and a lot of times they'll go."

You can reserve a ride to the polls in one of 3 vehicles the Brown's have lined-up for elections day. Just call (850) 592-4057 or (850) 272-4057.

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