Freeport Election Outs Three Long-Term Incumbents

Many people in Freeport are still reeling after voters turned-out three incumbents during yesterday's city elections.

Challenger Russ Barley unseated long-time Mayor Mickey Marse, who hadn't had an opponent in 22 years.

Council member Earl King, who ran also unopposed for the last 22 years, lost to Janice McLean.

Jennifer Laird won over incumbent councilman Charlie Simmons.

Laird says many Freeport residents were very vocal this election, insisting on a change in leadership.

"With this election as you can tell a lot of people came out to vote. I think that it's been good for Freeport because before they were not really given a choice because people were running unopposed. They actually got a choice this time and I think that's one thing that brought people out. Plus you have a lot of new people in Freeport and I think the fact of having all these new people in Freeport. This made people want to come out. More people are involved and they want to see different things," Laird said Wednesday.

Russ Barley, the newly elected Freeport Mayor, said, "over the 24 years that I've been back we've had some growth... But, I don't think that Freeport government has been aggressive enough for the citizens of the area. So after thinking about that and seeing in the previous elections there's really not been anyone to run against the people in office that I thought it was my turn to step up."

A little more than 500 people voted in Tuesday's election.

The results will not be certified until Friday.