Freeport Elementary 4th Grade Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Freeport - This week's Golden Apple Award winner teaches 4th grade at Freeport Elementary School.

Mr. Forrest Jamison was nominated by a mother who is not only a parent, but also a fellow teacher, she writes: "I truly believe Mr. Jamison had a big influence in my son's new approach towards his education. His class environment is always inviting, he makes the students feel comfortable, wanted, and important. Every time you walk by his class, all the students are engaged and really involved in their learning. I know his teaching approach is student-centered," writes Khriss Coello.

Every day is a new adventure in Mr. Jamison's 4th grade class, on this day it takes a correct answer to win passage to gym class. It's just one example of the way he engages students and inspires them to do their best. "He is really wonderful. When we are doing a lesson, sometimes he would tell funny jokes to make us laugh," said student Aidan Sanchez.

It was Aidan's mom who nominated Mr. Jamison. A fellow teacher, she is thrilled to see his influence on her son's life. "My son is so introverted, very shy, this year he has come a long way, he is not afraid of speaking anymore, he is confident of himself, he has gotten so far this year. I know it's because he sees his teacher as a rolemodel and he feels confident and every time he comes to school he is ready to do his best," said Khriss Coello.

Mr. Jamison often works with students one on one. "We all catch onto things at a little different pace. I think individual attention was always the best way for me to learn so I try to carry that over with my students," said Mr. Jamison. "He is actually a really awesome teacher. He breaks things down for us and we get to do a lot of fun activities," said student Carasie Beaver. "His children really respond to his teaching method. He is very consistent, he has a great repoire with his parents and his students," said Principal Pam Jones.

Congratulations to Mr. Jamison, this week's Golden Apple Award winning teacher. "It's really nice to be recognized, not only by a parent, but by a teacher. It's really and honor and it really makes your day."