Freeport Fire Station Begins Improvement Plans

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The fire station is considered a sort of landmark and gathering place for the people of Freeport. It's even more important to the people who work here.

"Fire stations is the home away from home for these people. They spend all their time there. Basically like their family...second family" said Public Information officer Wendy Ammons.

A fact that isn't lost on Interim Fire Chief Al Ford. Under his direction, the station house is undergoing some changes to make it feel more like home.

"I'm letting the guys clean their fire station and make it look good. It has boost morale 110%. So we're just trying to go forward with this and we're not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are patching the wheel and we're going to make it new looking and the guys are excited about it" said Al Ford.

Some of the improvements include the laundry room, washer and dryer room and the upstairs weight room. They've also devoted a section of the station to a display, detailing the history of the department. Since firefighters spend a third of their time at the station, ford believes the changes are keeping them motivated and not just for the firefighters.

"The benefit is the fire station's always been the central point of the community. Doesn't matter where you go. Actually go anywhere in the world fire station is there centrally” said Al Ford.

Ford expects the renovations will take about six months to complete. Chief Ford has also ordered dress uniforms for the fire department, the first in their history.

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