Freezing Temps. Prompt School Closures

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With the possibility of icy roads more and more counties are announcing they will be closing school Wednesday.

The threat of winter weather forced a lot of local school districts to close early Tuesday.

On Wednesday there will be no school for Bay, Washington, Jackson, Walton, Okaloosa, Calhoun, Holmes, Franklin and Gulf Counties.

Several districts held emergency meetings, including Bay County.

"We believe the heat will work in the schools, but want students to get there safety, so our concern has been the ice on the roads," said Bill Husfelt, Bay District Superintendent.

Local district officials are concerned that the ice could accumulate on roadways making conditions unsafe to transport students.

Husfelt said, "We're going to have 12 month and district employees report to work Wednesday at noon just to give us a window of safety there.

"Of course we live in sunny Florida. This is not something that we deal with on a regular basis; therefore, we don't have the proper equipment enable us to deal with conditions of this particular nature," said Dr. John Haley, Executive Director of Operational Support Services.

However, schools like Beach Elementary already had emergency plans in place just for situations like this.

"We immediately emailed the teachers, we put in the marque. We made a flyer that went home to every student and we posted it on our Facebook page," said Glenda Nouskhajian, Beach Elementary Principal.

Some students don't mind staying home and possibly seeing a snow flake or two.

While, others are hoping these freezing temperatures don't result in snow.

"I've never seen snow before, so this might be my first time snow, ice and icycles. I'm very excited," said Chase Broome, Student.