Friend and Manager of the Beatles Speaks at Northstar

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A close friend and former U.S. Manager of the Beatles spoke at Northstar Church Sunday morning about his star-studded years and his experience finding God.

Ken Mansfield says that hanging with the Beatles was just like being friends with anyone else. He says they were normal people who grew up in middle class families with strong moral values.

Mansfield says that's the message he tries to relay to all of his audiences - everyone has the same worth and importance, we are all just humans in the end.

"When you get in the limo and the door slams and all of the screaming fans aren't in there, it's just like riding in the car with anybody else. Or at their home or wherever. They were just very easy to be with. One thing I like to say is it wasn't like suddenly I'm a Beatle and you're not. You were just two people," says Mansfield about his friendship with the Beatles.

Mansfield is a Grammy award-winning record producer, has served as a high-ranking executive for several record labels, and is the author of the only Beatles-approved book.

Northstar representatives say they feel Mansfield message relates to what they try to preach to their congregation every Sunday.

They say Mansfield's speech was a part of their "stories" segment that ran through the month of July. Every Sunday, church staff has shared their stories and experiences with their congregation. They say Mansfield's story is an incredible one to have the privilege to share.

"We just try to make church be applicable to every day life. You know, the things that Jesus said thousands of years ago are still applicable today. And, it's great to share things in a way that I think people can connect to, and kind of help them make life-changing decisions," says Lee Baker.

Mansfield calls the tale his own "long and winding road" from unbridled personal ambition to peace in the heart of God.

He says he's happy to spread his message across the country.

He also held a brief book signing after each of his three speeches Sunday morning at Northstar.

Mansfield now lives in Panama City Beach.