Ft. Walton Beach Police Beef Up The War On Synthetic Drugs

Ft. Walton Beach police didn't waste any time enforcing a brand new emergency order from Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, adding 22-new items to the list of banned synthetic drugs.

The department's criminal investigations unit visited a number of the city's stores known to sell these type products. Investigators informed the business owners about the additional ban, then removed any of the illegal substances from store shelves.

The retail value of the products seized Wednesday, marketed as K-2, Bath Salts and Spice, was about 30-thousand dollars.

Bondi claims the makers are targeting kids. "I just want to point out to you the marketing, and this is what is actually disgusting to me. Look at this, these are "Scoobie Snacks." Do you think this is directed at an adult? This is directed at a young child."

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKkeithen and Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley attended Bondi's news conference yesterday in Tallahassee.

It was McKeithen who first brought the synthetic drug issue to Bondi's attention 2-years ago.

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