Funding Becomes Main Concern for South Walton Sports Complex

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WALTON COUNTY-- A few months ago four property owners approached the county offering to sell their land for a potential sports complex.

County Officials say they need this new complex to answer the public demand for public recreation facilities.

They say the current parks and athletic fields are busting at the seams.

But before even finalizing plans for the complex, County Administrators say they need to find out how to pay for it.

During Tuesday's Commissioner meeting, Commissioners decided they want the County Administrator to price each parcel, and assess their advantages and disadvantages.

"Each has its own set of, let's say, issues that need to be overcome in looking at the parcels, and I would like to see that, so that we can have a staff recommendation of a rank of the options to look at,” said District 3 Commissioner, Bill Imfeld.

Commissioner Cindy Meadows, who spear headed this idea, suggested they use BP money to fund the complex.

"We need to use some of that money from the same account to buy that property and move ahead and get some sports fields in South Walton,” stated Meadows.

Others say they want to wait until the County Administrator collects all of the new data on the four properties.

All four parcels are located between the west side of 30A east to the Bay County line.