Future of McMullin Library Unknown

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LYNN HAVEN - Lynn Haven Commissioners discussed the future of a historic building Tuesday.

The McMullin building served as Lynn Haven's Library, the oldest in Bay County.

It was named after one of Lynn Haven's early settlers, Frank McMullin.

McMullin and his granddaughter's husband, JB Atkinson even made a movie, shown up north, then used the proceeds to buy books for the library.

So you can understand why Atkinson's grand-daughter is interested in the old library building.

"I'm very curious to know what they are going to do about it," Susan Atkinson said.

The vacant building now sits behind City Hall off of Highway 77 and 9th Street, and the years have taken their toll.

Lynn Haven Mayor, Walter Kelley said, "We've got our work to do we want to make sure we are doing the right thing. So if it is a historical building we can preserve it for the future."

Commissioners want to repair the structure and bring it up to code, but they want to make sure that work doesn't jeopardize it's historical value.

"That's the first thing that we want to do is see if it can be declared a historical building," Kelley said.

Atkinson is also concerned about the building's historical integrity.

"I'm just concerned about it because I want the history to remain I don't want it to go. It's very special to me," Atkinson said.

Kelley says they'll know more about the project next month.

"The commission within 30 days is going to try to come up with some information and come back to the commission," he said.

The City estimates the cost of the project to be about $109,000, but some residents say they'll volunteer to work on the building, keeping costs down.