GCSC Hands Out Scholarships to Deserving Students

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24 high school seniors received special recognition and rewards from Gulf Coast State College's foundation. The program awarded the students two-year supplemental scholarships.

"The point is without having to spend a ton of money they can stay here with mom and dad and mature a little bit for two more years and get a first class education," said Les Brackett, with the GCSC Foundation.

Saving money is a big factor in the decisions of some students to stay local, while others chose to stay for the new programs coming to the school in the fall, especially the Advanced Technology Center.

"Nowadays with the financial crisis that's going on it's nice know that I don't put any stress on my parents or on my family with the money needed to be spent on college," said Wyatt Marshall. "It's nice to know I have 2 years paid to do anything I want to do here at Gulf Coast."

"I'm really excited because I feel like technology right now is really big our lives are getting changed by technology," said Dionna Bradley, "I want to be a part of that."

The students will continue to receive the scholarship over the 2 year period if they maintain a 3.0 GPA. Since many students already take college classes through dual enrollment, the foundation has begun a new initiative. This new set up will allow students who finish their associate degree at GCSC before the two years is up, can spend the rest of the time at Florida State University's Panama City campus.