GOP Roundtable Discussion

ST. ANDREWS-- Four Republican candidates who are running for the District 6 State Representative's seat all met in their first public forum Tuesday night.

A group called the Republican Roundtable sponsored Tuesday's event at the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club.

The four candidates had five minutes to introduce themselves, then fielded questions from the audience posed by the organization's president Matt Jackson.

"I thought tonight was very good, it was an opportunity for people to kinda get a first look of all the candidates up next to each other," Jay Trumbull, (R) State Rep. Candidate, said.

"We came and did our little five minute presentation, told everybody who we were, what we wanted to do and then we fielded questions," Thelma Rohan, (R) State Rep. Candidate, said.

"It was a great opportunity for the public to meet and greet our candidates for the first time and also to see us on stage answering those tough questions," Melissa Hagan, (R) Sate Rep. Candidate, said.

"We obviously had a lot of agreement, especially on Common Core, Obamacare but there are a few differences in the candidates and I'm glad that those came out tonight," Tho Bishop, (R) State Rep Candidate, said.

The Republican primary is Tuesday, August 26th.

The winner will face the winner of the Democratic primary in November's general election.