GPD Pathology Bringing Jobs to Panama City

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GPD Pathology is an independent lab that will process and diagnose tissue samples from across the southeast.
The business is not slated to open until March, but opening the doors on Lisenby Ave. is doing more than create 83 jobs for GPD pathology.
It is already creating construction work for some local contractors.
"We currently have four men on the job. It's a three month job,” said Bryan Skipper the vice president of Upton Refrigeration. “It came at a good time; the winter is usually pretty slow for us."
Bay County Commissioners have approved economic incentives for GPD, if the company reaches certain job levels and salary goals.
The business will employ 83 people ranging from receptionists to lab technicians, but when he announced the company's creation last month, Ward said the election could play a role in the plans.
President Obama currently has a proposal in congress that would raise business taxes from 35% to almost 40%.
"It would decrease the amount of jobs; we project to create by 20 positions," said President of GPD Pathology Dr. Jon Ward.
Now that Obama has another four years, Ward is taking a wait-and-see approach.
"The plan that President Obama was putting forth, which would raise taxes on small businesses, may not be adopted,” said Ward.
Ward is counting on the republican controlled house to prevent the plan's passage.
In the meantime ward has set his sights on completing construction.
"At which time we'll start putting equipment in and hiring. We hope to begin process tissue by 2013."
GPD Pathology will begin accepting applications for employment in January.

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