Garabage Pilling Up in Springfield

Panama City -- Julie Ayon used to enjoy the view from her porch.
But now, that view is filled with junked mattresses, furniture, and rotting food.

"People just keep coming and dumping trash and I believe it's a health hazard for my kids. I can't let my children come play outside with mosquitoes and rats and just, it's just horrible," said Ayon.

Waste Management handles Springfield's garbage.

A 1989 ordinance allows the company to charge an additional fee for picking up household items.

"Under our current contract and our ordinance we can't pick it up unless there is a fee charged for it. It has to go on a separate truck and it goes to a separate landfill. So that's the reason behind it," said City Clerk Lee Penton.

The illegal dumpers don't want to pay the additional fees, so the trash just piles-up, leaving city officials searching for options.

"If we cannot find a responsible party for dump sites like this, the city ultimately has to pay for it. Money that goes to pay for something like this, could go for other things," said Penton.

City officials are encouraging citizens who witness illegal dumping, to contact police immediately.