Frustration at the Gas Pump

Local drivers are getting more selective about where they fill-up their tanks.
They are doing more price shopping in the face of some big price increases, 17 cents in the past week.
The average family spends more than $2,900 last year on gasoline, this year it could go higher.
Right now, the average US price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.53, and it is having an effect on drivers.
"It's really hard for a single mom like myself to afford gas these days,” said Heather House, as she was filling up her tank. “You totally have to re-do your budget in order to afford gas."
What is caused the sharp increase in gas prices?
Experts cite several reasons.
First, several US refineries are closed right now for routine maintenance.
Second, there is a short supply of gas in California, causing other areas to make up the difference.
And finally, crude oil prices are also up.
Local gas station owners said they are just as frustrated as their customers.
"They just tell us it's either a shortage, or having trouble getting the loads, oil prices, when they go up on us, we have to go up on the customer," said Teresa Watford, the owner of the BP gas station on Front Beach Road.
The next time you fill-up, just remember, it could be worse, the average price of a gallon on unleaded in New York and California are around the $4.00 mark.
The good news is experts say the increases should only last a few more weeks, with gas prices dropping in a few months.