Gas Station Altercation Ends with Gunshots and a Severely Injured Motorcyclist

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Marianna- What caused a motorcycle to end up mangled and tangled in a fence? A truck to be riddled with gunshots- and one person to be life-flighted to a Panama City hospital?

That's what investigators from Jackson County, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, state attorneys office and Florida Highway Patrol have been trying to figure out. We do know it all began around noon on Monday.

"We think about 30 to 50 miles west of here there was some kind of incident on the roadway" Jackson County Sheriff, Lou Roberts told us. "We don't know if it was road rage or what took place, but three motorcycles and a truck had an incident. From that incident, they ended up separating later on down the road.

But they didn't separate for long. The large white Ford Raptor stopped to refuel at the Sunoco gas station on Highway 71 in Marianna.The three motorcycles did as well.

"As far as what actually occurred, it's kind of a gray area at this point" Roberts said. "We're trying to interview witnesses, look at the crime scene and make sure what took place."

The truck was at a pump when the second altercation occurred.

"We've got an individual who's been injured as a result of being struck by the pick up truck. [The man driving the pick up truck] was occupied by himself, his wife and a child. The truck was shot at by one of the individuals who was on the motorcycle."

The truck pushed the motorcycle into the fence, then fled the scene to the TA Travel Center across the street.

"We're trying to determine now if he was doing it [while trying to] get away, or whether his actions were of the intent of causing injury to the party" Roberts explained. The motorcyclist came to rest a short distance from where the impact initially took place under the shelter here at the gas station."

Everyone involved was been detained, but as of 5:30 PM Monday no arrests had been mad,e nor had the condition of the motorcyclist been released. Sheriff Roberts said he expected it to be a long night.

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