Georgia Man Facing More Charges in Walton County

A Georgia man, who's been in the Walton County jail for the last five months, is now facing more charges.

Walton County Sheriff's Investigators say they now have evidence they need to tie 23-year old Steven Ryan Ritchie to more crimes.

They received the results of a fingerprint analysis this week from the state crime lab they say ties Ritchie to a vehicle burglary and an attmepted home burglary last August.

Deputies first arrested Ritchie on August 27th. Around 6:30 that evening, Deputy Marjorie Ginell King spoted him at a Express Lane gas station at the corner of Highway 331 and State Road 20 in a stolen 1999 Jeep.

As she was waiting for back-up, Ritchie allegedly got into the Jeep, began rolling backwards toward King's patrol car, then jumped out.

The jeep hit King's car, injuring her shoulder.

That set-off a five hour manhunt, that ended with Ritchie's arrest near Freeport.

A few days later, authorities harged Ritchie with armed burglary, grand theft, and firearm theft for an August 17th burglary at a Santa Rosa Beach home.

They say Ritchie stole more than $10,000 worth of property.

He's also wanted for outstanding warrants in Cherokee County, Georgia.