Glasstream Boats Brings New Jobs to Dothan

A Panama City boat manufacturer is planning a major expansion to our north.

Glasstream Boats is opening a new manufacturing plant in the Dothan industrial park, creating about 100 new jobs.

"For I heard them say let us go to Dothan,"

And to Dothan they came.

"We were at the boat show in Miami, we heard what people in the industry were saying about the Glasstream Boat, the quality, the technology and that really gave us a good feeling about what we're doing here locally. We knew then we wanted these people in Dothan, Alabama," Mark Culver, Houston Co., Alabama Commissioner, said.

Dothan city commissioners gave $1.5 million and Houston County commissioners allocated $250,000 to the Houston County Industrial Development Authority. They're using the money to help Glasstream Powerboats buy a building in the Dothan industrial park.

"We'll manufacture the product from the lamination, to vinyl, assembly, upholstery work will be done here some of our corporate offices will be here."

"Well I was nervous because we had 11 other communities working with them and as they narrowed it down it came to two or three and we're just so proud to be standing here today this is a great day for Dothan," Dothan mayor Mike Schmitz said.

"Your local and state government here really made us feel welcome and comfortable. They're sincerity and transparency was a big part of closing the deal," Glasstream president and owner Kruis Retherford said.

Closing the deal also means 100 jobs initially and the possibility of 75 more in the future.

"We've made this a top priority to create opportunity for our citizens. This is a day when we've reached some success, tomorrow we'll get right back at it trying to find more jobs for our citizens."

It helps that Dothan is just a short drive from the beach.

"At the end of the day this was the perfect fit."

This will be Glasstream's second manufacturing facility. The Panama City plant has been making boats for 30 years.

Company officials say the new Dothan facility will not effect Panama City operations.