Rape Case Has Glenwood Community On Edge

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GLENWOOD- Panama City Police have finally released some information about Friday's rape of a girl in the Glenwood community. Residents are also talking about the case, which has them on edge.

Tameka Williams, who lives in Glenwood, said, "When I heard about it, it automatically sent chills to my body, because all I could think about was my daughter, and the other kids that walk from school. And we live right here by a school."

That's the reaction of many residents in the Glenwood community after a girl was raped in some woods off 11th Court.

Family members say the girl was walking home from school Friday afternoon when a man tried to lure her to an abandoned house. When she refused, he hit her in the head with a shovel, dragged her to the woods, and raped her.

"It's not shocking, it's terrifying. It's scary because I have a little girl," Williams said. "And not only I have a little girl, it's other people with children in this area, in this community."

Panama City Police Captain Mark Aviles said, "We have canvassed the area here, looking in all the abandoned houses. We have re-canvased the house where the actual event took place. We have spoken to a lot of the neighborhood..."

Panama City Police investigators began their investigation Friday afternoon. But it was the girl's family that found the shovel, and her bracelet in the woods Sunday. They're upset at the police department's initial response to the crime.

"...the police didn't do their job. The parents found the evidence. The parents found the shovel, the parents found the bracelet. They had to call the police back out here," said Williams.

Police have increased patrols in the area. "...checking abandoned houses, things of that nature. We do not have a rash of these types of crimes in this area," added Aviles.

Late Monday Police released this description of the suspect. He's a black man in his late 30's. He's about 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-10 with dreadlocks or corn row braids.

If you have any information about this case, please call the Panama City Police Department.

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