GoDaddy Web Outage Takes Out Small-Business Sites

Local Northwest Florida Businesses Affected as Millions of Websites Hacked by ‘Anonymous’, the largest domain name registrar on the Web has been taken offline, and a self-proclaimed member of the Anonymous ‘hacktivism’ collective is taking responsibility.

Debbie Goulding, Vice President of The Goulding Agency, Inc. in Chipley, Florida was contacting business owners and administrators of some of the over-140 websites maintained by her firm on Monday, explaining the situation and trying to make provisions for restoration of service.

‘The administrators of GoDaddy confirmed today that they are suffering from technical issues, and that a multitude of websites and their affiliated email accounts are down’, Goulding stated on Monday afternoon. ‘Although we have not yet received specifics, there are reports that a member of ‘Anonymous’ says that he or she is responsible, a claim that has not yet been verified’.

‘This morning we received a message from GoDaddy in a Tweet, saying, ‘We're aware of the trouble people are having with our site. We're working on it.’

Earlier this year, GoDaddy announced that they would be supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, a controversial legislation that if approved would have greatly changed the US government’s ability to monitor the Internet. The company eventually reversed their stance, but not before a massive protest resulted in many of their clients switching to other domain registrars. The boycott reportedly ended with thousands of GoDaddy's millions of customers, including Wikipedia, cancelling their accounts.

Founded in 1997, Arizona-based is used by millions of customers worldwide, including a large number of small businesses.