Golf Ball Drop Helps Local Family

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- At a cost of $10 per ball, one-thousand golf balls dropped from a fire ladder 78 feet in the air. Each had an equal chance to land in the cup and win the thousand dollar prize.

That was one way to look at it.

However, when Jennifer Mann looked at those golf balls, she saw the community supporting her family.

"You know people think of Panama City Beach and think spring break and vacations, but when you see what people will do to help their own, it really is amazing and I just have no words other than my thanks can never be enough for what everone has done for us," said Mann.

.Jennifer Mann and her two children lost their husband and father 2 days before Christmas. 42 year-old Jason Mann taught autistic children at Breakfast Point where Jennifer is also a teacher, and both kids go to school.

So what would a man who cleary touched so many lives say, seeing one thousand golf balls dropped all for him and his family?

"He always joked around, hey i'm kind of a big deal, things like that, so he is probably up there laughing, I told you you'd be taken care of, I told you you'd be okay, and you know, hey iIreally am.

None golf balls ended up in the cup. Only one winner was on hand. He immediatly donated his portion back to the Mann family.