Golf Carts to be Allowed on More Lynn Haven Roads

LYNN HAVEN-- Lynn Haven Commissioners heard the first reading of a change to the ordinance allowing golf carts on some city streets.

Commissioners are considering an expansion of the current law, which allows golf cart use on the East side of Highway 77.

This proposal would expand usage to a section of the city east of Highway 77 and North of 9th Street to North Bay, near the Panama Country Club.

Some Commissioners want to go even further, allowing golf carts on all Lynn Haven streets.

Walter Kelley, Lynn Haven's Mayor, said "I'm sure at some point in time, we'll address the golf cart issue for the city again, but right now we're kinda keeping a close eye on it. There have been ten incidents that police have reported to us."

Most of the reported incidents had to do with younger children operating golf carts without adult supervision.

The second reading of the ordinance will take place at the June 17th Commission meeting.