Good News On the Way In Callaway

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When David Otano and Ralph Hollister ran for Callaway commission in 2012, they both promised to get the city out of debt without raising taxes, now it looks like they're in a place to cash in on that campaign promise.

"It's gonna be great for the city, it's gonna help us pay down our debt," said commissioner and mayor pro tempore, David Otano. "We haven't really discussed how we're going to use the funds, but my plans is to let the other commissioners know as well that we should pay down our debt and that's gonna be a big issue and a great help."

As the city prepares to receive some BP claim money that covers the economic losses, getting a grand total of $575,000 before taxes and fees are taken out, city manager Marcus Collins also had big news for next year's budget.

"We've encumbered the debt in the new budget to be paid for without any increases to the citizens water and sewer rates as well as their taxes," said Collins. "So we're actually going to have a true balanced budget without raising taxes or raising water sewer rates."

The city will receive a little more than $447,000 from BP after taxes and fees are taken out. Commissioners expect to receive the money within 10 days.