Good News for Housing Market

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According to the Bay County Association of Realtors, the perfect storm is brewing for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

"It's kinda different that it's both a seller's and a buyer's market, hedging towards being more of a seller's market, but we haven't got there yet," said BCAR President, Vince Price.

For sellers, things have improved due to a rise in the price over the last year combined with a lower number of houses available for sale. That was the case for Sarah Dukes, selling her home of 3 years and making about $30,000 in the process.

"I put it on the market for $160,000 and they're paying $160,000," she said of her duplex home on the west end of the beach. "I think the real estate market's going up so people are starting to buy and things are starting to change around for us."

Not only did she get her asking price, she sold her home in a short amount of time.

"Getting full price and within, you know, a month, that unheard of most of the time," she said.

But for buyers, things are looking good as well.

"Because of the interest rates, it's a buyer's market to buy and it's low pricing," Price said.