Good News for Some Local Fishermen and Property Owners

Potentially good news for both recreational and commercial fisherman, as well as local property owners.

You still have time to file for an oil spill claim against BP. Jason Jones has been fishing all his life, and when the BP oil spill happened in 2010 he lost business. Now he is trying to get something back.

"I'm working on getting a claim from BP because I was working, fishing,” said Jones. “I've been fishing all my life and in 2010 it took away from the fishing."

He ended up at J.L. Evan's BP Claims Group.

"This is like the biggest secret in the fisherman industry and it's amazing when I look at this and see how the fishermen have their own line of communication," said Evans.

That is exactly how Jason found out about the fisherman claim.

"I heard about it through a couple of friends that were making claims also," Jones said.

"There's a very good chance that if you fish and you fed your family on those fish, or your immediate family, then BP owes you what's called a subsistence claim," said Evans.

Fisherman are not the only ones eligible for a claim. Any person that owns coastal property in the settlement agreement is entitled to make a claim. Those who qualify for coastal real property and fisherman claims have until April 2014 to file those claims.

You can also log on to com to see what you're eligible for.