Goodwill Car Lot Location Upsets Residents

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BAY COUNTY - Goodwill encourages all kinds of donations.

But one particular type of donation has a local woman asking questions.

It seems all of the vehicles donated to Goodwill, over a 22 county region all wind up in Tallahassee.

That makes it tough for people who want to buy a car, but can't get to Goodwill's lot.

Maxine Cecil and her granddaughter rarely leave their house.

Besides her health problems, Maxine doesn't have a car.

She explains, "I have a driver's license and I have plates that are good, and my vehicle had broke down last year and I'm on set income."

Friday morning, Maxine had to take her grand-daughter to the hospital.

Maxine says, "My grandaughter, I have custody of her, and she started having seizures and she can't ride her bike to school anymore and she can't walk from school or anything."

Maxine's desperation for a car led her to Goodwill.

In 2013, North Florida Goodwill accepted 168 car donations, 30 from Panama City.

But all of those vehicles wind up at Goodwill's car lot in Tallahassee, more than two hours away.

Goodwill admits there's a need here in Bay County.

Goodwill's Stacy Larkin says, "We have two primary municipal centers, where more people need more help and those two areas are Tallahassee and Panama City."

Larkin says Goodwill constantly strives to improve services in Bay County.

So what about adding a local car lot?

Judging from Larkin's answer, that probably won't happen anytime soon.

Larkin did say if the community made it clear a local car lot would be beneficial, Goodwill would take a deeper look at the possibility.