Gov. Scott Talks About Weather Damage

PANAMA CITY-- Gov. Rick Scott says he has confidence in the state's emergency officials to make sure last week's flood victims receive the help they need.

The governor made a campaign swing through Panama City Thursday night, stopping at Bill Cramer Chevrolet to tout a $400 million roll back of vehicle registration fees.

Earlier Thursday he made another tour of the flood damages in the Pensacola area. President Obama gave Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties federal disaster declarations earlier this week, qualifying them for federal funds and loans.

But Walton, Washington and Jackson Counties, which also suffered millions in damages, has only received the state declaration.

Scott seemed uncertain those counties had enough damage to reach the threshold for federal help.

"We have a very good state of emergency management team and we have a very good local emergency management team who work well together and they're working together to make sure we take care of citizens all across the state whenever anything happens. When you get more damage like Escambia did, then you can get FEMA to come in and help and that's what they did," Gov. Scott said.

Jackson County Emergency Management officials say they have at least $12 million in just road damages.