Governor Rick Scott Discusses Jobs in Panama City

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PANAMA CITY Governor Rick Scott made another campaign swing through Bay County Tuesday morning, as part of his "Jobs for the Next Generation" tour.

The governor toured Port Panama City and Oceaneering, and pitched 2 proposals he hopes will help create jobs.

Governor Rick Scott is on a two week tour of Florida to discuss proposals that he hopes will help the job economy and Florida ports.

Scott says, "A lot of our future is going to be ports and manufacturing."

District 6 Representative Jimmy Patronis expands on that, saying, "For them to be effective, they need to have a good, open ability to compete against Alabama and Georgia."

First, Scott is proposing to permanently end the sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment.

Oceaneering International just purchased this $10 million carousel that will help store equipment.

With that purchase came a $600,000 sales tax.

Oceaneering Controller Bob Patterson says, "We're very much interested in his plan to eliminate the sales tax on new equipment and machinery, and the elimination of that tax is really going to drive more infrastructure and investment into this organization so we can grow the business."

Scott is also proposing to offer Florida's best STEM teachers paid summer internships at private-sector companies like Oceaneering.

Scott explains, "I want to do paid internships at some of these places to make sure our STEM teachers are inspired to get more students interested in stem."

Another proposal supported by Oceaneering, as Patterson says, "Absolutely. That is an investment that we would make. We certainly welcome, we hire a lot of people from FAU. We make sure that we have interns here."

Governor Scott is facing Former Governor Charlie Crist and 16 other candidates in his bid for a second term.