Governor Rick Scott Signs Budget

ESCAMBIA COUNTY-- Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law a new $77 billion budget.

Scott signed the budget on Monday but he also vetoed nearly $69 million in individual spending items included in the budget.

The governor has line item veto power to eliminate spending on specific projects. The vetoes included money for dozens of hometown projects sought by legislators including money for a Miami observation tower and a dog park.

The overall budget is roughly 3.5 percent higher than last year's budget and includes a boost in money for schools, child welfare and projects to battle water pollution.

Legislators came into this year's session with a $1.2 billion budget surplus. They used some of the extra money on dozens and dozens of hometown projects.

Scott will be in Panama City Monday as a part of his "Let's Keep Small Business Working" tour.

He'll be at Ink Trax on West 5th Street at 2:30 Monday.

The governor will highlight new policies that promote growth and job creation.