Governor Scott Enjoys Current Success While Pushing to Bring More Positive News

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Governor Rick Scott is riding a wave of success right now. He's just about completed his entire agenda for the legislative session ending this Friday, but he still hasn't lost his focus of overall job creation.

At the Lincoln Day Dinner, the main topic was the success Florida has seen from job creation to education.

During his time as governor, Scott has seen unemployment drop below the nation average and over 300,000 private sector jobs added.

"I brought in an individual and said we're gonna go recruit companies to come to our state, we want everybody here to grow, but why shouldn't more companies come here," Scott asked a crowd of hundred. "So we've done these things cut taxes and does it work? It absolutely works."

For Scott, the biggest victory was in the classroom.

"All of our teachers have an opportunity for a pay raise, they'll be doing it through collective bargaining at the school districts. So it's a big victory for our teachers but it's also a big victory for our students."

But he says his work isn't anywhere near done.

"We gotta get more manufacturing jobs in our state. We have 4.3% of our jobs in the state are manufacturing, way below the national average. So I'm still fighting to make sure that we reduce the taxes there, get rid of the sales tax on machinery equipment to get more jobs."

Scott also spent time talking about the importance of tourism, making note of a partnership called "Visit Florida" which he says has been a part of the reason Floridians have seen a record number of tourists the past two years.