Governor Scott Proposes Increase for Early Education

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PANAMA CITY -- Governor Rick Scott is investing in early learning education. Scott came to the Science and Discovery Center in Panama City this morning to talk to administrators, teachers and parents about his new proposal.

The governor is proposing a $1.1 billion increase in state funding.

Governor Rick Scott is all for early education.

"I'm proud to say that Florida ranks first in the nation to access pre-kindergarten, first in the nation," said Scott.

That's why he's proposing an increase in the states' budget to go toward an early education program: Voluntary pre-kindergarten.
More than 174,000 children are actively enrolled in voluntary pre-k.

"We're looking at high quality programs for four-year-olds with developmentally appropriate practices. This is a perfect example of a program who uses practices who but gets kids interested excited and curious,” said Office of Early Learning Director Shan Goff

The governor's proposal includes an increase of $100 per child. That would change the student allocation from $2,383 to $2,483.

"Those are dollars that go to centers like this that provide the services and the programs that allows them to improve the quality of the program,” Goff said.

Some parents say the VPK programs facilitate a good learning environment for their children.

Parent Sarah Polzin said, "They really have a love for learning now, they did before but this just accelerates their love for it."

Scott's main goal is to serve more children with the best resources.
Eighteen schools in Bay district offer voluntary VPK.

But parents must keep in mind their child should be four years old on or before September 1, 2014 to enroll in the fall school year.