Governor Scott Tours Patronis Elementary

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL- Governor Rick Scott is touring the state, talking about an increase in education funding next year. He stopped at Patronis Elementary School Wednesday to see how public schools are doing.

The $1 billion dollar increase comes a year after Scott and the legislature cut more than $1.3 billion dollars in education spending. It was welcome news for educators at Patronis Elementary.

Governor Rick Scott spent part of his day at Patronis Elementary meeting teachers, and talking with students.

The students showed the governor what they're learning, even working through problems on their smart boards.

"I didn't realized how much of the team teaching there was," Scott said. "How you would go around to the different groups based on how each of the children learned differently, so that was really interesting."

After the governor signed a budget last year, cutting education spending by $1.3 billion dollars, he says he saw a need for change this year.

Scott said, "I'm glad we were able to put the billion dollars in, and I hope we're able to continue to put money in education. It's one of the three things I think about everyday. Education for our kids, jobs for the parents, and make sure we don't raise the cost of living."

It's money that could help school's like this continue to operate at a high level.

"We're glad to hear that he is valuing education and putting money back into our budgets," said Patronis Elementary principal Ellie Spivey.

Scott added, "I'm glad that this year they were able to increase funding for education for k-12 by a billion dollars. I'm sure that you hear the measurement these school's talk about, and I know they're going to do a good job with the money."

Out of the $1 billion dollars, governor Scott wants to use $405 million to increase per-student funding, $47 million for enhanced reading programs and $663 million to fill budget gaps and pay for new students expected to enroll during the next school year.

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