Graceville High Adds More Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras can be intimidating and intrusive, but they can also be a huge help in preventing crime, or at least catching the people responsible for the crimes they do commit.

Just ask Graceville High School Principal Chris Franklin. “The incident that caused us to want the cameras was a thanksgiving day break in a couple years ago. If we had had the cameras we could have saw who it was. We could have identified a vehicle," said Franklin.

The thieves broke got away with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, a lot more than the 4,000 dollars Franklin spent on the security cameras. The school hasn't had a break-in since.

And that's not all. "There’s a lot of things that doesn't happen anymore just because people know the cameras are there."

Initially students had mixed feelings. "We though there were some bad things happening- everyone kind of freaked out when they put up the cameras," said Sophomore Olivia Howell. But most now understand the extra security measures.

"If anyone's on campus who shouldn't be here they can be seen," said Junior Logan Jenkins.

"If we want to get out of class were going to get caught for sure.

They also realize the cameras can be alert administrators to an emergency.

"The other day my friend passed out in the lobby and it was caught in the camera and they went to her. “

But there's only so much cameras can do. "It’s not a deterrent as far as someone who wants to do something bad and they don't care who sees them do it."

Cottondale High School, Sneads Elementary, and Golson Elementary Schools plan to install cameras for the next school year.