Graduation for A Very Special Local High School Senior

Amber Snell, a Bozeman High School senior, has Osterosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and might not live to graduate with her class on June 5th. So, her classmates decided to give Amber her own graduation ceremony.

When Superintendent Bill Husfelt announced her as the first graduating senior of Bozeman's class of 2013 the crowd gave her a rousing standing ovation.

That’s something SGA President Anna Rodriguez and her other classmates say is only fitting. “Her story is a unique one, her story inspires everyone at Bozeman. I look up to her very much, what she has done inspires everyone, I’m just so proud of her.

Friends say graduating from high school is one of Amber's biggest wishes, and they wanted to be able to make that happen.

Her Dad, Jeff says they are deeply grateful to those who made today's event a reality. "Both her mother and I are extremely proud and thankful for all parties involved and of course we are very proud of Amber"

Bozeman Principal Josh Balkom told NewsChannel 7 she has met her goal and inspired everyone who knows her. "She has displayed tremendous courage and perseverance in pursuit of graduation, That's been her ultimate goal and she has overcome the odds."

Beginning next year a graduating senior will be awarded the "Amber Snell Award" to be given to someone who exemplifies her character and spirit.

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