Grandson of Ex-Coach Bobby Bowden Killed in Car Crash

The grandson of former Florida State Football coach Bobby Bowden was one of two men killed in a car crash in Winter Haven Thursday.

23 year old Taylor Bowden and the driver 25 year old Rafael Fernandes De Aguiar Valim, were found dead inside a car that ran off the road and into a creek.

To the surprise of divers, a third man 22-year-old Robert Lewis Edwards was found inside the submerged vehicle still alive.

Hours later deputy divers heard an unusual noise coming from the car.

"Our dive team deputies went back into the vehicle again and found this one person who then told them, 'I'm very cold, please help me, please get me out of here.' They noticed he was in an air pocket in the back of the vehicle up almost to his nose, up to his chin." Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County.

He later told officers, there was a third man in the car.

"As our dive team and the wrecker began to lift the vehicle out of the water, we noticed a third person in the vehicle who was also deceased," Grady said.

The sheriff's office is tasked with figuring out how the Mitsubishi Lancer ended up in a retention pond.

Grady said, "We'll be working with our one victim, who is a very fortunate man, as he recovers in the hospital."

This is the second grandson Bobby Bowden has lost in a car crash.

15 year old Bowden Madden as well as Bobby Bowden's son-in-law, John Allen Madden, were killed in September 2004, when their car was hit a by a utility truck that was helping to restore power outages caused by hurricane Frances.

The details of the crash were being investigated, but the Sheriff's Office is reporting that alcohol appears to be a factor.