Great American Beach Party Helps Needy Families

PANAMA CITY BEACH - Two local charities are raising money for families in need at the Great American Beach Party.

The event began at 11 A.M. Saturday at the Beachy Beach Real Estate in Panama City Beach. 200 guests came to support Food-4-Kidz and Beach Care Services.

Food 4 Kidz is a non-profit organization that helps struggling families by providing groceries and supplies. Beach Care Services provides rent payment, transportation, clothing, and employment information to struggling families as well.

Organizers offered bouncy houses, hula-hoop contests and live music

"Food 4 Kidz is making the community aware of the needs that we have between Beach Care Services and Food 4 Kidz. We need money to continue operating to be able to do the things that we're able to do for the community," said Ric Brigman with Food 4 Kidz.

"I believe that God gave me a business not so I can make money, but so I can take his money and give it back to the people that need it," said Karen Smith of Beachy Beach Real Estate.

All proceeds that are collected Saturday will go to Food 4 Kidz and Beach Care Services. They hope to raise $5,000.